A tailored approach to meet individual needs.

I can represent you…

  • Attend an home owner association meeting
  • During a construction process
  • In any technical meeting

Do you need help for a project

  • New property: progress reports
  • Renovation: interface between you and contractors
  • Maintenance: call the right contractor, manage your keys, attend during a repair
  • Moving: organise packing and unpacking with the moving company

Headache with your second home…

  • Ensure a proper functioning of your home equipments
  • Assist with redecoration and capital projects
  • Damage assessment and documentation
  • Maintaining properties, inspections, adjustments, cleaning or replacements
  • Inventories (for insurance purpose or for an assets review)
  • Security assessment
  • Owner arrival pre-check

A problem with a supplier…

  • Service vendor vetting, scheduling and review
  • Compare proposals and quotes to ensure proper pricing
  • Insurance review
  • Implement security good practices

B to B

  • Asset management: pre-investment due diligence
  • Property and Estate management
  • Budget forecast
  • Remodelling and relocation project monitoring