Post-lockdown tips for private estate managers

We all now have an idea of what can be a pandemic in our 21st century, so it’s time to update our instruction manual with this new kind of crisis.

There are different ways to be prepared for a lockdown, the old fashion one is: buy everything you can for you anti-nuclear shelter!

Let’s see what really went wrong in households during this period…


The video conferencing was a crucial point for business continuity. To do so, a good broadband is essential, especially if the principal has to work from an isolated area. In that case your last chance could be a Satellite Internet access. In a normal area, a quick update of the entire property to the 5G network will be good enough.

Buying goods

Amazon shares hit records during this period, it was one of the quickest and easiest way to shop, but sometimes there were delays. A good alternative is to buy locally with people you can call upon if needed.

Running essential errands

For the grocery shopping and take-out: make sure you have reliable local supplier able to deliver once or twice a week.

Keep some cash in a safe and use bank services online whenever possible.

Getting gas: full gas tank all the time is the normal, including fleet.

Health & Safety

A live-in option for critical employees has to be planned. Once the household is isolated from outside, the risk is much lower.

Masks and gloves need to be stored and be used when household members need to go outside.

Nobody should pass the gate without a mask, gloves and social distancing.

New devices will have to come in the house next to the defibrillator: UV disinfection systems and a thermometer gun if your infrared camera system is not as accurate.

Ventilators and an in-house nurse or doctor will be needed, if you have infected people in the household.

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